Patriarchs Militant & Ladies Auxiliary Association


Independent Order of Odd Fellows

The Patriarchs Militant are the uniformed branch of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows (IOOF), one of the oldest and largest fraternal orders in the world today. The Patriarchs Militant were established by the Sovereign Grand Lodge - the international governing body of Odd Fellowship - back in 1886.

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Justitia Universalis
Pax Aut Bellum

Department Officers

2005 - 2007

Department Commander Col Edward A. Beckstein
Deputy Department Commander Brig Gen William Waterson
Department Adjutant Maj. Gen. (R) Edward Dahl
Department Quartermaster Brig. Gen. Ronald Bailey
Department Chief of Staff Major Jack Smiyh
Department Judge Advocate Brig. Gen. Joseph Waterbury
Department Chaplain Major General Lyle Siegrist
Department Aide Officer Major Victor Finch
Department Aide Officer Major Robert Wyant
Department Aide Officer Maj. Robert Wyant
Department Equipment Officer Maj. Charlie Trombley
Department Bannerette Major Steve Dahl
Asst. Department Bannerette Captian Dave Burns