On Tuesday, February 12, 2008 Katie and I attended this annual event in Warren. This was my third time attending. Katie has been twice. All Odd Fellows need to know about this event, and put it on their calendar for the upcoming years. When the 40th annual is held, the Michigan Odd Fellows will be the hosts. That means we get to decide where the profits go!

The evening starts with a social time. It was from 6:00 until 7:30. Due to the weather, we arrived just after 7:30. The dinner was excellent. (See menu inside the program below) We sat with some members from Eastwood Lodge #496. That lodge had taken the four front tables. If it wasn't for them, there wouldn't have been many Odd Fellows in the room!.

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After the dinner, each group represented has a spokeperson talk. Grand Master Ed couldn't make it so Tony filled in for him.


Each speaker is limited to 3 minutes, so it's not a long drawn out affair. Here is what I learned.

Michigan Moose Association
They have 2 major projects. Moose Heart and Moose Haven. Moose Heart takes care of kids and provides scholarhips. Moose Haven takes care of seniors.

Moslem Shrine Temple
They sponsor 22 hospitals. Their budget is two million dollars per day! They specialize in treating burned children. The speaker's lodge has been in Detroit for 125 years. The Shrine Circus is coming back to town. Anyone can contact the Southfield Shrine and get details of circus packages for kids trips.

Independent Order of Odd Fellows
Tony talked about the importance of bringing in new members. He said not just to replace yourself, but to replace yourself with someone like you. Someone who would do the things that you do for the Order. (See video clip below)

Knights of Columbus
This group's representative asked all in attendance that were under forty years old to stand. There were quite a few. He said we need to make the changes in our organizations that would attract younger members. They have 1.7 million members. They sponsor the Boys Clubs. They sponsor the Special Olympics and Angels Way.

Fraternal Order of Eagles
100,000 in Michigan. 1.3 million total members. 7 US Presidents were members. They spend 100,000 dollars a year in research of heart disease and others. They were instrumental in creating Mother's Day. Helped create Medicare. They are working hard to keep "under God" in the Pledge.

Int'l Order of Alhambra
This fellow rocked the room with laughter with some well told jokes. They have canister drives and help people with mental retardation. They are a Catholic organization. He talked about how brotherly love in the lodge is like water in your hands. You can only hold so much in your hands until it starts leaking out. Same as the brotherly love, once you get enough of it in the lodge, it starts spilling out into the community.

Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks
This man said he had nothing to say to those of us who were there. He wants to talk to the members who didn't come! They help handicapped children, and give out scholarships. Each state has different projects. Michigan concentrates on kids and seniors.

Knights of St. John
They sponsor St. Vincent De Paul. Last year they gave 13 million dollars. He asked for a moment of silence for all of our soldiers.

All during the evening they sold Inter-Fraternal membership cards for a dollar. These will get you into most of the organizartions club room or social room as a guest.

The rest of the evening was devoted to social times again. Meeting and greeting friends new and old.

Brother and Sister Odd Fellows you should really, really try to attend this in the future. It is a very enjoyable and educational event.

Here is a clip of the start of Tony's speech.

There were not many people who stood up when Tony took his poll. Maybe next year you will go and take all the members you have brought in during this year!

For more information on getting tickets contact Tony Poma or Dave Burns



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138th Annual Inter-Fraternal Brotherhood Dinner

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